My Story Continued...

"I'm Passionate About Helping Others With Their Pain"

2019 was one of the most difficult years of my life., only second to 2004 when I lost my baby brother. January 2019 started off with the biggest dagger to my heart....I lost my child. From that point on I struggled to get my footing. I never in a million years thought there could be a silver lining to something so traumatic, but I finally found one.

For quite some time prior to this my relationship with God had become quite strained. I hadn't been to church in forever, let alone cracked open a Bible or even prayed. But after going through this, God sent an angel to me through my Sister April. She cried with me, prayed for me, and stayed on me about going back to church. I finally decided to give her church a try and that was the turning point in my life. 

I started going to church a little more and would even open my Bible and read verses recommended by my support system. The miscarriage brought up all of the feelings from past traumas I've experienced. So not only was I grieving my current loss, I was being forced to face feelings that I suppressed several years. I've been bullied, sexually and emotionally abused, depressed, had suicidal thoughts, and even had a domestic violence incident. So to put it quite mildly, my life felt like straight shit at that point. But in the midst of all this pain, God placed it on my heart to find a way to share my story and help others in the process. So WHITH was born and through this platform I will do my absolute best to be as transparent as possible in an effort to help someone get through their traumas a little easier.